The Nun Trailer Promises Another Terrifying Entry Into The Conjuring Universe


With the exception of Paramount and Bad Robot’s CloververseThe Conjuring universe is probably one of the most interesting movie franchises in the business.

It’s still in its infancy, of course, given that we’re only four films deep, but it won’t be long before viewers are basking in unholy terror for The Nun, or peeping between their fingers at The Crooked Man. There’s also a third, as-yet-untitled project in the works alongside The Conjuring 3 (another Annabelle prequel?), though it isn’t expected to emerge from the shadows until 2019.

Closer to home, though, Corin Hardy and über-producer James Wan (Aquaman) are on the verge of launching The Nun, and today, the first teaser trailer has dropped online (as promised), giving us an idea of the horrors that await us later this year. Frankly, it’s every bit as terrifying as we’d come to expect – just be sure to watch until the very end…

For those who haven’t been keeping up, The Nun revolves around the demonic nun that first spooked audiences in The Conjuring 2, delving into the character’s horrific origins. The synopsis teases us further, explaining that the plot centers on a nun who commits suicide in a cloistered Romanian nunnery. A priest “with a haunted past” and a novitiate nun must then unearth the dark secret that this order of nuns has been concealing, confronting malevolent forces in that Conjuring style we all know and love.

Said to double down on practical effects over CGI trickery – which is music to our ears – The Nun will be summoned into theaters on September 7th. We all know how well the recent It reboot performed in that early September corridor, but it’ll take something really special for Corin Hardy and Co. to generate the same amount of hype and nervy excitement as Pennywise. Can it pull in similar box office numbers? Time will tell, but this first teaser trailer certainly leaves us feeling optimistic.

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