Netflix’s New Horror Movie The Platform Has Viewers Losing Their Minds

The Platform

The innate beauty of Netflix lies in its vast online archives of binge-worthy entertainment. Just sit back, click a few buttons and boom, your next viewing experience is ready and waiting.

And in this digitized world of online streaming, it doesn’t take long for something to become an overnight success. Think of the Netflix phenom Stranger Things or Sex Education – two remarkably well-crafted TV shows that blew up thanks, in part, to word of mouth.

Fast forward to March 2020, and it seems we may have our next viral hit in the form of The Platform, a Spanish horror-thriller set in a dark, dystopian future where the world’s criminals are locked away in vertical prisons. In our review, we awarded Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s grim and gory picture with four stars, deeming it to be a “multi-tiered assembly of tension, terror and terrible imaginings that, in cake form, would be worth centerpiece window placement in any professional pâtisserie.”

And sure enough, those Netflix subscribers who have seen the film are already raving about it on social media. Cue the overnight sensation…

The Platform

And three more reactions, just for good measure:

With a quarter of the world’s population now on lockdown due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, The Platform could not be more timely. Its novel concept drills directly into humanity’s darker tenets to explore our propensity for greed and consumption, even if it comes at the expense of others.

At the time of writing, it’s currently perched at 4th place on Netflix’s Top 10 list, which isn’t all that surprising given viewers have been watching more and more disaster films to experience some form of escapism. So don’t be too surprised if The Platform catches fire and becomes the hot new Netflix movie that everyone’s talking (and indeed tweeting) about over the coming days.