The Russo brothers continue teasing potential MCU return with ‘Secret Wars’

joe and anthony russo
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Having become the only filmmakers to helm four installments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the franchise’s two top-grossing entries ever, Joe and Anthony Russo are more than entitled to focus their creative energies elsewhere for a while. However, those Secret Wars rumors aren’t going away anytime soon.

Ever since the beginning of Phase Four, fans have pinpointed the epic comic book arc as the potential basis for the MCU’s next Avengers-level event, and Kevin Feige has teased that all will be revealed sooner rather than later. The Russos have never been shy in admitting that Secret Wars would be the only thing capable of bringing them back to the superhero series, and they’ve dropped yet another hint in an interview with Deadline at the premiere of The Gray Man.

“Our love for Marvel is based on the books that we’ve read as kids and the books that we fell in love with. The one series that you know we adored growing up was Secret Wars. It’s incredibly ambitious. It would be bigger than Infinity War and Endgame. But it’s a massive undertaking, and, uh, you know, those two movies were very hard to make. So trying to imagine making another two movies even bigger than those two… we’re going to have to sleep on it.”

The Russos’ biographical crime thriller Cherry didn’t fare too well with critics, and The Gray Man is already drawing mixed responses ahead of its release, but the evidence is there to prove that the siblings know how to master the MCU’s recipe for success, so the thought of them tackling Secret Wars is definitely one that can’t be ruled out.