The Suicide Squad Star Lavishes Praise On Ryan Reynolds And Free Guy

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

It’s become a cultural running joke that Canadians are too polite, but Nathan Fillion isn’t doing the stereotype any favors with his gushing praise of both Ryan Reynolds and his video game-inspired blockbuster Free Guy.

Of course, Edmonton’s Fillion and Vancouver’s Reynolds have been friends for a long time after co-starring in sitcom Two Guys and a Girl over 20 years ago, so the love-in can be forgiven. Critics have roundly lauded Free Guy for deftly balancing its action and comedy elements, all anchored by a stellar performance from the leading man and producer that sees him step away from the motor-mouthed cynic persona for the first time in a while.

Taking to his Instagram account, Fillion even managed to poke fun at the continued delays that dogged Free Guy before it finally hit theaters in August, before going on to explain just why he was so impressed and entertained with both the movie at large and Reynolds.

Free Guy is one of the pandemic era’s biggest success stories, one which happens to be an original concept not based on an existing property that played exclusively in theaters during the age of hybrid debutants, and it remains in the domestic Top 10 eight weeks after first coming to theaters, having brought in $321 million to date globally. Disney already want a sequel, so Fillion clearly isn’t alone in finding himself completely enraptured by the movie.