Evidence Mounts That [SPOILERS] Is Playing A Terminator In The Reboot


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda HamiltonMackenzie Davis – three of the big-name stars poised to headline The Terminator reboot for Tim Miller and Skydance.

The former duo are already well versed in the franchise (Schwarzenegger, for one, has only missed a single installment since his debut back in ’84), but it’s Davis, coming hot off her turn in Blade Runner 2049, among other roles, that’s expected to take center stage as the Terminator’s newfound mascot in lieu of Arnie. Or so we thought.

Over on The Terminator Fans, a new report has been uncovered which suggests that Mackenzie Davis’ character is actually a machine – a “soldier assassin” of sorts built by Skynet and sent back to the past, where it encounters the young Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes).

Previous set photos support this theory as well, as they appeared to show Davis’ mystery character covered in gruesome body scars. Could it be that she’s actually part human, part machine and doesn’t realize it yet? We’ve seen that plot twist before in Genisys, so don’t take this one to the bank just yet.

After all, there’ve been some conflicting reports surrounding The Terminator and, more specifically, the identity of Mackenzie Davis’ character. Still, with filming well underway ahead of its arrival late next year, surely it shouldn’t be too much longer before we have some concrete answers to pore over.

Said to ignore all films post-Judgment Day, not unlike the forthcoming Halloween sequel from Blumhouse and David Gordon Green, The Terminator officially boots online November 22nd, 2019, where it’ll no doubt face stiff competition from Wonder Woman 1984 and Disney’s Frozen sequel.