A Battle-Ready Sarah Connor Headlines The Terminator Set Pics

British tabloid Daily Mail has unearthed a series of set photos from The Terminator, which bring us closer to a battle-ready Sarah Connor.

The Spanish capital of Madrid is currently playing host to The Terminator, Skydance and Tim Miller’s franchise reboot that hopes to make amends for the woeful Genisys.

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There’s even been talk that Miller’s revival, which has welcomed the return of James Cameron (Avatar) as executive producer, could spawn a Terminator trilogy of its own – something Genisys failed to do after just one installment – and with Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger both returning to the fold, it’d be foolish to write off the film’s chances of success.

Now that the cameras are officially rolling in Madrid, British tabloid Daily Mail has uncovered a series of candid set photos which show a battle-ready Sarah Connor (AKA Skynet’s worst enemy) wielding a small, futuristic shotgun. Embedded below, these pictures serve as the perfect follow-up act to yesterday’s media dump, which offered a glimpse of Linda Hamilton reporting to the Spanish set. Cyborgs, look away now…

Aside from some voice work on Terminator Salvation, this is Hamilton’s first foray into the Terminator universe since her unforgettable turn in T2: Judgment Day, where she played the mother of John Connor and all-around leader of the Resistance.

She’ll presumably pass the baton over to franchise newcomer Mackenzie Davis (Blade Runner 2049), whose character appears to be sporting some pretty gnarly body scars. Diego Boneta, Gabriel Luna and Natalia Reyes are also among the cast.

She’s back, folks. The Terminator is scheduled for release on November 22nd, 2019, and we’ll be bringing you all the latest as the sequel/franchise reboot begins to take shape on the sunny streets of Madrid.

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