Latest Set Photos From The Terminator See Linda Hamilton Suit Up As Sarah Connor


She’s back.

Now that filming on Tim Miller and Skydance’s Terminator reboot is officially underway, one source close to The Terminator Fans has relayed a pair of high-res photos from the set which place the focus squarely on Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, the fierce Resistance hero and Skynet’s worst enemy.

The exact details of her triumphant return to the Terminator franchise are being kept hidden away in the Skydance vaults, but if nothing else, today’s batch of set photos bring us closer to a fully-costumed Hamilton as she prepares to lead the Resistance once more. She won’t do so alone, of course, given Blade Runner 2049 star Mackenzie Davis has been cast as the “new face” of this iconic sci-fi series and, frankly, she certainly looks the part.

Nevertheless, today we draw your attention to Linda Hamilton, who’s pictured with a bulletproof vest and a pair of cool aviator sunglasses. She’s back!

Connor is now a seasoned warrior, and we’re fascinated to see how her character has evolved since Judgment Day. Chances are we’ll be introduced to a more world-weary version, as opposed to Linda Hamilton’s live-wire from ’91, but the fact that she’s back on board – ditto for Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron, who serves as a producer this time around – leaves us feeling cautiously optimistic that the pic will be able to make amends for the woeful Genisys.

The Terminator officially boots online November 22nd, 2019 – six months later than initially expected – and currently shares its release corridor with the sequels to Wonder Woman and Disney’s Frozen. So expect a three-way box office grudge match to commence late next year.

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