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The year’s most heavily-scrutinized box office behemoth blows past ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Insidious’ to reclaim top spot

And it ain't done yet.

sound of freedom
Image via Angel Studios

When the Top 10 movies at the domestic box office includes the fifth installment in a lucrative horror franchise, the final farewell to one of the most legendary characters in all of cinema, the latest feature from one of the biggest brands in the business, a live-action Disney remake, and a Marvel blockbuster, Sound of Freedom leading the pack is nothing short of remarkable.

Of course, the thriller hasn’t been without its issues and controversies, but the fact we’re talking about a hard-hitting thriller dealing with some harrowing subject matter that was filmed five years ago, ditched by Disney following its Fox takeover, and then scooped up by a studio that specializes in religious-themed fare reclaiming the top spot weeks into its theatrical run is insane.

Image via Angel Studios

Insidious: The Red Door may have handily defeated Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny to reach the summit with a better than expected opening weekend, but the supernatural sequel has already slipped behind Sound of Freedom after just three days at the multiplex, with the Jim Caviezel-led title now back at the very top.

It’s closing in on $50 million, too, leaving analysts amazed and perplexed that an unsung independent release from an independent studio has been leaving much more recognizable – and infinitely more expensive – competitors in the dust to continue hanging around the upper reaches of the charts.

It’s probably not even done yet, either, although we can at least sleep soundly knowing Tom Cruise will be blowing it out of the water imminently with Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

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