There Are Secrets To Be Uncovered In This IMAX Poster For Transformers: The Last Knight


If you’re still pining for more Transformers: The Last Knight content following yesterday’s deluge of motion posters, Paramount has just the answer: the official and downright mythic IMAX poster for Michael Bay’s blockbuster sequel.

Rather than shining the spotlight on an eye-popping set piece, or franchise veteran Optimus Prime striking a battle pose, this evocative one-sheet is actually engraved onto a colossal Arthurian shield. First spotted by TFW2005 (via /Film), if you lean close enough you’ll be able to pinpoint some of The Last Knight‘s major story elements, including the advent of Dragonstorm, a Cybertronian Knight capable of morphing into a mechanical three-headed dragon that was first teased almost a year ago. Other narrative clues include a nod to Unicron (or is that Cybertron?) on a collision course with planet Earth, not to mention Optimus and Megatron presiding over two separate armies of robots.

One way or another, all of this ties into the film’s King Arthur subplot. Once Upon a Time star Liam Garrigan is one board to play the iconic British leader, and those of you who have been keeping track of Transformers: The Last Knight will no doubt remember the smattering of set photos that teed up a medieval battle. However, for Optimus and the gang, it’s the promise of a powerful artifact that sparks an interest in King Arthur, one that may just hold the power to restore Cybertron to its former glory.

Every legend hides a secret, it seems, and Transformers: The Last Knight will carve out a new chapter in the franchise’s lore on June 23rd. Driven by the success of an internal writers room, Paramount has drawn up plans for a Bumblebee spinoff movie and Transformers 6, which may well herald the moment when Michael Bay passes the torch on to another director. Stay tuned for more on that one.

Source: TFW2005