This Cult Classic Horror Film Is Getting Remembered Just In Time For Halloween

One of the best parts of Halloween is sitting down with friends and loved ones to watch some truly terrifying films! At least, that’s the case for some people. Some people would prefer something a bit more campy than downright terrifying. Fortunately, the internet has dug up and began discussing a cult classic that many have forgotten even exists.

Night of the Comet released all the way back in 1984 and while it was made with a measly $700,000 budget, it managed to pull in $14.4 million in the US at the box office. The movie was even an inspiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer specifically inspiring Buffy herself according to Joss Whedon.

Yet, it has gone mostly forgotten by everyone outside of the most hardcore horror fans. But it looks like it might have a chance to gain a lot of new fans thanks to a post by agwoodliffe on /r/horror. Loads of fans have been chiming in encouraging anyone who reads the comments to give Night of the Comic a chance while offering other movies recommendations like it.

For who feel inspired to to check out Night of the Comet can find it streaming now on Amazon Prime Video and Philo.