This Fan Theory Connects Lightyear To The Star Wars Universe

Buzz Lightyear
Image via Disney/Pixar

There’s a fan theory going around that the upcoming Toy Story spinoff Lightyear (based on the real-life astronaut and not the Tim Allen-voiced toy) is actually set in the Star Wars universe, and there’s weirdly enough evidence that it’s actually possible.

The stretch isn’t that far to make. Both Lightyear and Star Wars feature plucky pilots handling starships that cover vast distances and the exploration that results from that type of space travel.

The theory is supported by a number of easter eggs in the upcoming Pixar movie trailer that easily reference the Star Wars universe.

First, there’s the base that Buzz blasts off from. It easily looks like Geonosis from Attack of the Clones. Also, fans say that Buzz’s spaceship is powered by coaxium, a crystalline substance from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Next, there’s a number of droids in the trailer, which are easy references to the droids in Star Wars. Droids like C3PO help Luke Skywalker make the complicated equations needed to perform ultra-fast space travel without colliding into an asteroid or something equally as terrible, so it’s possible that Buzz has one for the same reason.

One of the strongest easter eggs is the scene where Buzz is on a planet’s surface, and it looks exactly like Dagobah, where Skywalker went to seek out Yoda to continue his Jedi training aster Obi-Wan’s suicide at the hands of Darth Vader.

If this theory is true, then that would mean that Andy, the boy in the Toy Story movies, lives in a universe where space travel is possible. It also means that other movies might actually exist in that universe as well.

Of course, it’s just a theory. While it’s unlikely that Pixar would confirm or deny this, the company does love to pepper easter eggs in its properties.

What do you think about the theory? Perhaps we’ll get more small details that prove it’s true before Lightyear releases on June 17, 2022.