This LEGO Recreation Of Iron Man’s Hall Of Armor Is Downright Jaw-Dropping

It's the smaller details that really make this diorama special.

An original Lego mock-up of Iron Man‘s Hall of Armor, where Tony Stark houses a vast number of suit variations and other technology, is taking the internet by storm.

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Reddit user PalmaMan401 posted a picture of his creation on the Lego subreddit, garnering thousands of upvotes in less than 24-hours. At first glance, the hall features rows and rows of Iron Man suits as well as the bulkier Hulk-smasher mechs, as seen in Avengers: Infinity War.

However, it’s the smaller details that really make this diorama special. When you inspect the Lego creator’s Instagram page, who goes by the name Luke Richard Boisse under the handle lukeclixbrix, you’ll find a gallery of detailed photos within the Hall of Armor creation.

Fans of both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the comics will find a lot of inside references to enjoy. For instance, one of the tanks in the secret base appears to house the Spider-Man villain Venom in some kind of cryogenic stasis, perhaps. On the upper decks are characters from the Marvel and Disney Plus series WandaVision viewing a television set that has Scarlet Witch in it. Next to them are scientists rebuilding Wanda Maximoff’s true love, the android hero Vision. And in another corner of the room, you’ll find various supped-up Spider-Man suits

Other characters featured in the model include Black Panther, Ant-Man, and even Time Variance Authority agents from the Marvel and Disney Plus series Loki.

This version of Tony Stark seemed to be suspiciously hoarding a great number of powerful items that served as MacGuffins in various MCU films, the original poster explained in his reply: “Mobius and B-15 are concerned with why the Aether, Tesseract, Power Orb, and Loki’s Scepter are all in Tony’s possession instead of there proper locations in the one true time-line.” Tony’s custom armor Infinity Gauntlet, as seen in Avenger’s: Endgame can also be seen locked in a special case.

We’re not sure what alternative timeline the Lego bunker takes place in, but with so many strands of the Marvel universe converging in one spot, and centered around Iron Man, it sure seems like it would make an interesting plot to the Marvel and Disney Plus series What If…?

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