This Straight To Streaming Sacha Baron Cohen Film Is The #1 Movie On Disney+

We all know that Pixar is an incredible studio and movie fans are lucky that all of their movies are easily available to view on Disney+. Still, it might come as a shock that this majorly popular movie managed to escape the spotlight and go directly to the platform.

According to stats from FlixPatrol, it’s had more streams than Toy Story 4, Onward, and Cars while being on the way to quickly outclass Raya and the Last Dragon as well. Sacha Baron Cohen might not play the lead but the comedic masculine duo featured in Luca is stirring the hearts of animated movies fans everywhere.

The movie features merpeople who, when they go on the surface, change to look just like humans. If they are ever soaked in water at any time, however, their disguise goes away and people can see them for the “sea monsters” they really are. The film shows Luca and his new friend Alberto on a journey of self-discovery as they learn more about the surface, make friends, and eventually learn that not everyone will judge you for the person you are inside.

Many fans have said the show contains positive queer themes, despite the director saying the film was written to be “a little bit pre-romance,” which could be contributing to its success. The idea that Pixar through Disney has created some of their best LGBTQ+ representation ever in this film, even if not on purpose, and it was potentially more successful because of it is something the company will have to deeply consider going forward.

Anyone wanting to see why fans are so excited about Luca can check it out on Disney+.