Thor 2 Possible Release Date And Potential Villains

Cinema Blend is bringing us some interesting news on the sequel to Thor. They’re reporting that the studio wants the sequel to be in theatres by 2013 and being the blockbuster that it is, you can expect Thor 2 to arrive sometime in the summer of 2013.

Sources are also claiming to know the villains for the next film. Apparently Thor will face off against The Enchantress and her pawn, The Executioner. The Enchantress “is a beautiful citizen of Asgard, and a powerful sorceress who uses her magic and renown beauty to manipulate others to do her bidding.” The Executioner is also a citizen of Asgard and acts as a pawn for The Enchantress.

That’s all we know for now and while the film is still in very early stages of production, this all may change. But it is still something to look forward to. Thor 2 is inevitable, especially considering how well the first one is doing. It would be foolish to expect any concrete news on the sequel though at this time, it’s simply too early. That being said, if we do hear anything more we’ll keep you posted.