‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ director responds to leaked poster

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If you’ve been on the internet within the last twelve hours, then the chances are high you’ve seen a Thor: Love and Thunder poster making the rounds, which was first spotted as part of a store display before being uploaded online, where it quickly became one of Twitter’s hottest trending topics.

Based on nothing more than the art style, it’s clear that the image is intended for promotional purposes rather than actually being the first one-sheet for next summer’s Asgardian blockbuster. However, nobody appeared to question the veracity of the image; we all just took it for granted given that major Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters suffer from their fair share of leaks.

However, co-writer and director Taika Waititi has now stepped into the breach to offer his thoughts on the Love and Thunder poster, and he’s done so in typically self-deprecating style, as you can see below.

The initial tweet showcasing the poster displaying all of Thor: Love and Thunder‘s major names in all of their brightly-colored glory has since been deleted, but the fourth solo outing for Chris Hemsworth’s Odinson is still trending on social media, which could partly be down to the fact fans have been starved of official information and/or updates on the intergalactic epic for what feels like forever.