Thor: Love And Thunder Leak May Reveal Valkyrie’s New Love Interest

Thor-Ragnarok-Valkyrie-Bi-Sexual-Marvel-Tessa-Thompson (2)

As popular as it was, there was still some backlash against Thor: Ragnarok for not clarifying Valkyrie’s sexuality, with actress Tessa Thompson confirming off-screen that she was intended to be bisexual. Marvel seems keen to correct this mistake in Thor: Love and Thunderthough, with the movie’s announcement at Comic-Con last summer bringing big news about the character. And that’s that as the new king of Asgard, Valkyrie will be looking for “her queen” in the film.

In fact, according to a new leak, we may now know the identity of her love interest and who’s going to play them. This news does come via 4Chan, which means it could go either way in terms of being trustworthy, but it suggests something that should get fans excited if it does indeed go ahead.

According to an extensive glut of info on Love and Thunder, Angela will be introduced as an Asgardian refugee who develops romantic feelings for Valkyrie. And Jodie Comer is apparently the one set to fill the role.

In the comics, Angela is the long-lost sister of Thor and Loki. Obviously, Ragnarok already borrowed that element of her character for Hela. She’s also known for her relationship with trans angel Sera on the page, but apparently Marvel is pairing her up with Valkyrie instead in the MCU. If this leak proves to be true, that is.

As for Comer, a major blockbuster role like this would be a natural next step after her breakout role as Villanelle on Killing Eve. She’s already due to star in Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy and Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel. Plus, she had that brief cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as Rey’s mom. Given that her and Thompson are two phenomenally popular actresses with online fandoms, no doubt there’d be a lot of love for a Comer/Thompson on-screen romance. But again, we’ll have to wait and see whether this leak is on the money or not.

Thor: Love and Thunder is due in cinemas November 2021, with production set to start this summer – pending the current crisis, of course.