Thor: Love And Thunder Theory Explains How Lady Sif Could Return

Lady Sif

The overwhelming majority of fans would be in firm agreement that Taika Waitit’s Thor: Ragnarok is the God of Thunder’s finest solo movie by a huge margin, with Chris Hemsworth finally getting to showcase the full range of his talents after the first two installments had treated the title character as a stoic and relatively one-dimensional hero.

The success of Ragnarok, coupled with Thor’s complex arc that made his journey throughout Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame one of the most interesting stories, has massively raised expectations for Waititi’s upcoming return to Asgard for Love and Thunder. Plot details are still firmly under wraps, but a lot of people are hoping that one of Ragnarok‘s most notable absentees will be back for more.

Jaimie Alexander’s Lady Sif was a key supporting character in both Thor and The Dark World, but scheduling conflicts with her role on NBC’s Blindspot ruled her out of the third outing. With the show having now drawn to a close, however, the actress could be set to rejoin the ensemble for Love and Thunder, something the 36 year-old has admitted she’d be on board with.

Quite how she would fit into the story is up for debate, but a new fan theory explains one possible direction. As per ScreenRant, Sif could be a rival to Jane Foster for Thor’s affections, or even be the one to travel the length of the galaxy to inform the Odinson that his former love has arrived on Asgard to claim the mantle of Thor for herself. Alexander has previously shown an interest in becoming Valkyrie’s Queen, which also presents another avenue to write her back into the franchise, where Sif could have her eyes set on sharing the throne of New Asgard and finally getting the recognition she always believed she deserved.

It’s an interesting theory, to be sure. Besides, with many of Thor’s friends and family having been killed off, the God of Thunder is very short on allies these days and would no doubt jump at the chance to welcome one of his closest confidants back into the fold.