Marvel Debuts Stunning Thor: Ragnarok Character Posters As Tickets Go On Sale


If recent Thor: Ragnarok posters came under fire for allegedly ripping off Batman V Superman, then Marvel’s new slate of character posters has arrived to remind us of two very important things: Taika Waititi’s blockbuster threequel is undoubtedly one of the most stylish MCU movies to date, and the Ragnarok casting department ought to be commended for assembling such a diverse group of A-listers.

Embedded below, there are eight one-sheets in total, and each one is as stylish as the next. From Thor to Valkyrie to Hela, Cate Blanchett’s unruly Goddess of Death, Thor: Ragnarok‘s principal characters are each given their time in the limelight (or should that be neon-colored smoke?) in anticipation of November 3rd. That’s little under two months away and sure enough, tickets for Marvel’s third and final film of 2017 are now on sale.

Dubbed a rip-roaring road movie that embraces the “trippy” and “cosmic” nature of the Thor comics – not to mention Greg Pak’s beloved Planet HulkThor: Ragnarok will purportedly introduce us to the funniest version of Chris Hemsworth’s Asgardian yet, and much of that light-hearted fun can be traced back to the comedic interplay between Thor and Hulk, the latter of whom is played once again by Mark Ruffalo.

Both actors are included in the gallery above, which also offers up-close looks at Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and Jeff Goldblum’s all-wise Grandmaster.

Stripped of his prized Mjölnir and banished to the outer regions of the Nine Realms, Marvel’s God of Thunder will soon embark on a “journey of self-discovery,” as he cobbles together a team of reluctant heroes – namely Loki, Valkyrie and the Incredible Hulk – to restore Asgard to its former glory.

No hammer, no problem? Thor: Ragnarok will be with us on November 3rd, and it’ll seemingly herald the “fight of the century.”