Stan Lee Improvised While Filming “Awesome” Thor: Ragnarok Cameo


What’s a Marvel movie without a scene-stealing cameo from the great Stan Lee?

From Spider-Man: Homecoming to X-Men: The Last Stand, the Powers That Be have always reserved space in their big-name tentpoles for the comic book legend. And Thor: Ragnarok is no different.

Due to arrive in theaters this November, word is Lee’s cameo opposite the God of Thunder is his funniest yet, which is really saying something considering Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 contained not one, but two appearances from the 94-year-old – Stan Lee also cropped up during the zany, downright unforgettable Inferno music video, which also had room in its ranks for former Baywatch star David Hasselhoff.

The exact details of Stan Lee’s involvement in Thor: Ragnarok remain under lock and key, but while appearing at the Wizard World Nashville panel this past weekend, Lee’s manager Max Anderson spoke more about how the cast and crew reacted when the cameras started rolling.

Not only that, but after recording the first cut, Taika Waititi and his creative team left the power in Stan Lee’s hands, who supposedly “did improv” while filming his Thor: Ragnarok cameo. And he nailed it, according to Max Anderson.


They did it their way, and it was okay. Then they said, ‘Stan, what would you do?’ He did improv, and he nailed it. Everybody loved that scene. They were like, ‘This is going to be awesome.’ And all I can say is that he plays a big part in someone’s scene. It was so funny, man. I’m telling you.

Thor: Ragnarok has been pegged for release on November 3rd. In case you missed it, Waititi’s threequel has spent the past week unveiling IMAX posters, blistering new trailers, and a host of beautiful character posters ripped straight out of a technicolor dream.