Latest Thor: Ragnarok TV Spot Stokes The Rivalry Between Hulk And Marvel’s Norse God


There’s no shortage of nicknames for Chris Hemsworth’s Norse god – God of Thunder, Prince of Asgard…but what about the strongest Avenger?

Turns out that’s not the case, much to the dismay of Thor Odinson, who gets something of a reality check in today’s all-new TV spot for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok. Indeed, this is just another example of Marvel stoking the rivalry between Thor and Bruce Banner’s raging alter-ego, after previous promos have compared the mighty Thor to a meek, smoldering fire. Hulk? He’s more of a raging fire, and though Mark Ruffalo’s humble scientist seemingly has no recollection of the so-called fight of the century, it’s obvious that Ragnarok will crown Hulk as the clear winner in Sakaar’s main event, no matter what the God of Thunder chooses to believe.

It’s all good-natured fun, of course, and Marvel fans can feel safe in the knowledge that Taika Waititi, director of Hunt For the Wilderpeople and the excellent gothic drama What We Do in the Shadows, is about to deliver a riotous slice of comic book action.

But don’t just take our word for it. In the lead-up to November 3rd, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn took to Twitter to shower praise on Thor: Ragnarok, a movie he considers to be a “stunningly fun and hilarious” addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. High praised indeed from the man who normalized a living tree and a fast-talking raccoon.

Said to be eyeing a domestic opening in the ballpark of $90m-$100m, all signs point to Thor: Ragnarok being remembered as another slam dunk for Marvel Studios. It’ll come packing a pair of after-credits scenes, too, so make sure you hang around after Ragnarok‘s grand finale to discover what’s next for Hulk and the gang.