Here’s How Chris Hemsworth Could Look As The DCEU’s Aquaman

Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok

Maybe, just maybe, we have found the bridge to unify the two great superhero blocs. Or maybe it’ll trigger a bloodbath. Who knows?

Instagram brightspark @JSComicArt has taken Marvel’s buffest strongman, Thor, and DC’s buffest strongman, Aquaman, and mashed them together to create, I don’t know, a hybrid? If you imagine Chris Hemsworth’s head photoshopped onto Jason Momoa’s body you’ve got the picture. As have we, it turns out.

Talk about a flash from the past. @JSComicArt designed this one at the time of Aquaman’s 2018 release. Guess if you missed it the first time round you get another shot. Was it worth it? I’m not making any judgements. Some fan art is good, some fan art is dubious, some fan art is more fan than art, and vice versa. Guess we can look forward to more when Aquaman 2 comes out in 2022. It’s that far away? Color me relieved (I’ll explain why below).

For your final piece of trivia that you’ll likely discard as soon as you’ve finished reading, 2022 is also the year Thor: Love and Thunder is down for release. Hemsworth and Momoa meet again.

Leave a comment with your own memories of Aquaman’s release. I remember what I was doing – not watching Aquaman. I did eventually see it about a year ago, and boy was I glad I hadn’t shelled out the £5 on a movie ticket and whatever-the-hell popcorn cost in 2018. Probably about £7000. It was a car crash of a film, but with a star that bankable, critical reviews count for diddly squat. The casting director got it bang on the money – literally. As did Thor‘s.