Thor, Vision And Others Feature In Dynamic MCU Concept Art


With so many superhero movies – especially ones based on Marvel properties – flooding cinemas in the past fifteen years or so, it’s important that the right look be found when adapting each character to screen. Really, you can’t just slap a spandex suit on somebody and then expect millions of potential moviegoers to take them seriously. No. You’re going to have to make their costumes look both functional and badass.

As such, not every costume seen onscreen is going to mirror what’s been offered on the printed page. Sometimes they’ll have to undergo alterations or, in extreme cases, be reworked from the ground up. And while the latter method is often frowned upon by purists, the fact of the matter is that what works in comics – or even in animation – doesn’t always work in live action.

One such hero who has closely retained his appearance when being adapted to the silver screen is that of Thor. And thanks to a newly surfaced grid of concept art over on Reddit, we’ve been treated to a look at the Odinson and some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as they embark on their journey from conceptuals to celluloid.

As we can see, one image shows Asgard’s favorite son wearing his trademarked helmet. But as we know, he’s seldom worn such a thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe itself. Still, his appearance has remained shockingly accurate as we see his golden locks flowing freely in the picture next to it.

What’s interesting is that some characters like Scarlet Witch and Vision nearly retained more comic book accurate appearances for the movies, but the ones we ultimately ended up with were none too shabby themselves. And to juxtapose Ant-Man, who was seemingly never straying too far from his four-color origins, the Winter Soldier could’ve looked much, much different from what one would expect. Quicksilver, though, was apparently always destined for a more casual-looking appearance.

Thor – and most others seen above – will next appear in Avengers: Infinity War, which arrives in theaters on May 4, 2018.