Every Time Captain America Has Said His Famous Catchphrase In The MCU


Captain America has a catchphrase that he repeats a handful of times across the MCU. No, it’s not “Avengers assemble!”, as that iconic line was saved until Avengers: Endgame and used only the once for maximum impact. Rather, Steve Rogers’ most famous quote is “I can do this all day.” It’s become synonymous with Chris Evans’ version of the character as it perfectly encapsulates his indefatigable spirit and courage, and here’s every occasion he says it on screen.

Evans debuted as the Sentinel of Liberty in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, which – among many other aspects of his character – established the line. First of all, it’s used to illustrate Steve’s bravery even before he’s got his super-strength. Meek, pre-serum Steve tells a heckler in a movie theater off after they make fun of a news reel about the war. The man and his goons take Steve outside and beat him up, and Steve replies: “I can do this all day.” This scene also foreshadows his shield by showing him using a trashcan lid in the fight.

Later in the same film, when he’s suffering a beating at the hands of Red Skull, Steve – now the one and only Captain America – repeats the line. After that, the line skips The Winter Soldier and is next heard in Civil War. When in the thick of the brutal final fight between himself, Bucky and Tony, Steve is wobbling on his feet after Iron Man gives him all he’s got, but he still refuses to back down, delivering the quote again.

Last but not least, Endgame employs the line for comedic effect, as by this time fans had embraced it as a catchphrase. When he fights his past self to get the Mind Stone in 2012, young Cap tells his future doppelgänger – who he believes is an imposter – “I can do this all day.” Older Steve, embarrassed by his own foolhardiness, replies: “Yeah, I know. I know.”

Its usage has evolved over the years, then, but one thing’s clear: Captain America can say “I can do this all day” all day.