Tina Fey Wanted For The Muppets 2

Slowly coming together and getting ready to head into production is Disney’s The Muppets 2, which is entering into the casting phase and making some significant moves. We already know that Ricky Gervais is on board to lead and now, The Hollywood Reporter is telling us that 30 Rock star Tina Fey is in talks to co-star and if she should join, she’ll receive top billing alongside Gervais.

In addition to Gervais, Ty Burrell (Modern Family) is also on board as the film’s antagonist. As for Fey’s role, no confirmation on it just yet but judging by what we know about the plot, she’ll likely play a Russian prison guard in the “Europe-trotting caper film.” Whichever role she lands in, we have no doubt that Fey will kill it, with her dry humor and sharp comedic timing likely making for a great character for which Gervais to play off of.

The Muppets 2 is shaping up nicely, now with its three leads set in place (Gervais, Burrell and Fey). Plus, director James Bobin is set to return as well, which is definitely a good sign. Not much more is known abut the sequel just yet but as soon as we hear more we’ll be sure to let you know. With the way things are currently going though, expect to hear more news on casting in the near future.

As we wait for more catsting decisions on The Muppets 2, tell us, do you think Fey is a good addition to the cast?