Todd McFarlane says new ‘Spawn’ is coming along


Todd McFarlane’s Spawn came and went from memory after its theatrical debut in 1997 but a reboot has been in development since, has signed Jamie Foxx to the role and McFarlane just revealed the new film is closer than ever.

“On the Spawn front it is getting hot and heavy. I have another big Zoom with everybody involved this evening. Everybody knows what’s going on in Hollywood right now which is, especially during the pandemic, the only movies which seem to be bouncing are comic book movies. Spawn last year was the top selling comic period. So, there’s a window that’s open.”

As a result of a weaker film industry due to COVID-19 and longer-term factors, the strength of superhero films is even more apparent. This shift in how people watch movies is a substantial part of why audiences will soon get to see a new version of Albert Simmons’ hero from Hell. He was played by Michael Jai White in the earlier production, which also starred Romeo + Juliet actor John Leguizamo.

McFarlane made the comments during an interview with’s Comicbook Nation podcast. The production has slowly grown and he told us last year the intent is to have information about when filming will start and what studio will be distributing the Blumhouse Productions’ work during the first half of this year.

“Yeah, we’ve got … everybody is all hands on deck right now. We’ve added a couple new people to it. So, if we all do our job, I mean it has to happen now in the first half of [2022]. There’s got to be the announcement. The announcement isn’t, ‘we’ve added another talent,’ we’ve done a couple of those. I don’t think that’s gonna move the needle. It has to be we found our studio, we’ve got our funding and we have a production date to begin filming. Everybody’s pushing in that direction. So, we’ll see.”

We’ve still got a few months before the halfway mark of 2022, so here’s to hoping more news spawns before then.