Tom Cruise Saves Mission: Impossible 7 Cameraman During Dangerous Stunt

Mission: Impossible

Cameras started rolling on Mission: Impossible 7 back in February of last year, and the production is still in full swing almost fifteen months later. Few high profile movies have suffered more as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic than the latest installment in the globetrotting espionage franchise, and we won’t be seeing Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt return to our screens until next May after it was recently delayed again.

In that time, shooting has been shut down more than once due to COVID-19, while Cruise went viral for letting rip at a pair of crew members caught breaking strict health and safety protocols. Paramount have also abandoned plans to shoot parts seven and eight back-to-back, with the leading man looking to take a short break after Mission: Impossible 7 wraps to hit the promotional trail for Top Gun: Maverick before he jumps back into the world of the IMF.

A new batch of set photos have now arrived online, and they show the 58 year-old star coming to the rescue of a cameraman during a dangerous stunt. You can check them out over at Daily Mail and as you’ll see, they depict Cruise assisting the crew member after he loses his footing while on top of a moving train. He was wearing a harness, thankfully, but the action icon still lent a hand as he grabbed hold of him so that he wouldn’t fall any further down the carriage.

Mission: Impossible 7 is now in its final stretch, with the shoot set to conclude over the coming weeks having jumped around the world to Italy, England, Norway, Poland, back to England, off to the Middle East and then England again for a third time. There’s still over a year to go until it hits the big screen, but at least we’re guaranteed more insane stunts from the franchise’s main man.