Tom Cruise Taking Early Vacation From Mission: Impossible 7 After COVID-19 Rant Goes Viral

Tom Cruise

Even back in the days of yore, when times were much more precedented and certain than they are now, putting together a Mission: Impossible movie was a Herculean task. Not only are these action-packed blockbusters armed with budgets of $150 million and above, but as globetrotting espionage thrillers, the crew needs to pitch up in multiple locations around the world, and that’s without even mentioning the intricately planned and meticulously executed set pieces that have become the franchise’s trademark.

As we know, Christopher McQuarrie is currently shooting the seventh and eight installments back to back, and he’s doing it in the midst of a pandemic that’s increased the cost, labor and time required to carry on a production, one that already spent a long while on hiatus after first being put on hold in March just weeks after cameras started rolling.

Mission: Impossible 7 resumed in England in July, moved to Norway the following month and migrated to Italy in October before being shut down again for a week when twelve crew members tested positive for COVID-19, with the team currently based in London. As if all that wasn’t enough, an explosive tirade from star Tom Cruise went viral the other day, too, as he threatened to fire anyone who puts the schedule in jeopardy by not following proper protocol, leading to reports that five people have since quit.

And now, with tensions close to breaking point on set, we’re hearing that the 58 year-old actor has taken an early vacation to let things cool down over the holiday season, with today marking 2020’s final day of shooting before everyone gets a well-earned couple of weeks off. Hopefully, Mission: Impossible 7 will resume in the New Year with the cast and crew keeping a cool head and pulling in the same direction, and there won’t be any further delays.