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Tom Cruise’s BMW Stolen During Mission: Impossible 7 Shoot

Tom Cruise has had an eventful time working on Mission: Impossible 7

Mission: Impossible

Tom Cruise has had an eventful time working on Mission: Impossible 7, including new, even more bafflingly dangerous stunts, and rants over COVID-19 outbreaks. Scenes are currently being shot in the English city of Birmingham, which has attracted a lot of local attention, but unfortunately not all of the positive variety, with Cruise’s BMW-X7 having been stolen from outside a hotel.

Although the vehicle was quickly found in an abandoned state, not much is known yet about how such a high-profile crime could have happened. It’s believed that the car also contained thousands of pounds of luggage, which have not been recovered, and that thieves managed to clone its ignition fob. The fact that the BMW was located using an electronic tracker does not take away from the incident being a highly embarrassing one for Cruise’s security team.

The theft is the latest in a series of unusual events involving Cruise’s time in the UK, including a surprise visit to a family in Warwickshire when his helicopter landed in their garden after being unable to access a nearby airport. A spectacular train crash stunt in a quarry also generated a large audience last week, as Christopher McQuarrie and the crew attempt to top the franchise’s iconic set-pieces.

Since going before the cameras in early 2020, Mission: Impossible 7 has been hit by various delays, which has been made more difficult by moving between multiple countries. After a previous rant by Cruise regarding COVID-19 protocols not being followed, the 59-year-old had to deal with another shutdown in June, albeit with some rumors that he was the culprit, and various other accidents and potential injuries. With more filming planned, we can hopefully expect to see the results on May 28th, 2022, barring any further problems.

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