Tom Hardy May Be Teasing A Spider-Man Cameo In Venom 2


Marvel fans are hoping to see Tom Holland swing by as Peter Parker in Venom 2but so far we’ve yet to have this confirmed, even though it’s heavily rumored. But we may have just got our best hint yet that a Spider-Man crossover is on the cards, and it comes from Eddie Brock himself, Tom Hardy.

The star took to Instagram yesterday to share a snap of himself dressed in the wall-crawler’s Iron Spider costume. So, just a bit of harmless cosplay that Hardy thought his fans might like, right? Well, maybe, but it’s curious that the actor soon took the photo down from his account.

Here’s a screenshot of the image in question:

It’s been said that Holland actually shot a cameo for 2018’s Venom, but Marvel ultimately vetoed his appearance and it was cut. Since then, however, the Sony/Disney deal that allows Marvel Studios access to Spider-Man has been renegotiated and the terms of the agreement seem to have changed. Kevin Feige’s already teased that Holland is now free to hop between both the MCU and Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, which surely means Venom 2 role is on the cards, right?

What we know for sure about the sequel right now is that Hardy will be back as Brock and his symbiote significant other, who’ll this time be facing off against Woody Harrelson’s Cletus Kassady AKA Carnage, first encountered in Venom‘s post-credits scene. Andy Serkis, meanwhile, is stepping in to replace Ruben Fleischer as director. Could his MCU history – playing Ulysses Klaw in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Black Panther – help get Holland on board for Venom 2? Let’s hope so.