Tom Hardy’s Venom May Show Up In The Dark Avengers Movie

Green Goblin

The renewed Disney/Sony deal that brought Spider-Man back to the MCU changed the rules from the previous arrangement. From now on, Tom Holland can show up as the wall-crawler in Sony’s Marvel movies, too, with Peter Parker now expected to turn up in the likes of Venom 2 and MorbiusBut could it work the opposite way, as well? Could Tom Hardy’s Venom appear in the MCU instead?

According to our sources, yes, he can, as Kevin Feige is now open to bringing Sony’s characters into the Marvel Studios franchise. We Got This Covered has heard that the producer is currently considering his options, but one upcoming MCU project that Eddie Brock may appear in is the Dark Avengers movie, which has previously been rumored from multiple quarters.

Norman Osborn is thought to be a major player for the MCU going forward, as though the temporary split with Sony left things unclear for a moment there, with Peter Parker now back in the fold, Osborn can again be used as a big bad for upcoming phases. It’s thought that the studio will adapt the “Dark Reign” arc from the comics, too, which sees the villain taking over S.H.I.E.L.D. and creating his own team of Dark Avengers, with familiar super-criminals filling the places of the heroes.

Venom is part of the team in the comics, but with Mac Gargan as the one inside the symbiote suit. It seems like Brock will be used in his place for the MCU version of the storyline but to emphasize, this is just an idea being considered at present and it’s not set in stone. That being said, this intel comes to us from the same sources who told us Bill Murray was returning in Ghostbusters 3 and that a new Scream movie was happening, both of which were confirmed this week.

Staying closer to home though, and Tom Hardy is set to return to theaters as Eddie Brock and his other half next October for Venom 2from director Andy Serkis. After that, you can expect to learn more about his possible MCU appearances.