Tom Holland’s Adopted Three Chickens To Deal With Coronavirus Egg Shortage


It’s been a tough couple of weeks for communities all around the world in their struggle to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, but it appears that Marvel star Tom Holland is battling the current restrictions in his own way. Modern problems require modern solutions, right?

At the moment of writing, more than 509,000 cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported and total casualties have risen to 23,054 people. As of now, most businesses around the world have shut down and only essential services continue to provide. With Europe and North America turning into the next epicenters of the COVID-19, health officials are pleading with the population to remain indoors. As such, many people have started to panic and subsequently, hoard necessary goods like toilet paper, alcohol and even eggs. In fact, the UK has already reported a shortage of egg supplies to meet the demand of the public.

Obviously, this is going to affect a lot of people, including celebrities who live on a particular diet, but Spider-Man star Tom Holland has come up with the perfect solution. Taking to Instagram, the MCU actor revealed that since he had trouble finding eggs at supermarkets, he’s adopted three live chickens instead.

Amid recent social restrictions on gatherings and such, Holland decided to document this entire process on his Instagram stories, explaining the endeavor by saying:

“With everything that’s going on, the supermarkets are all empty and there’s no eggs. We had no eggs. So, we thought, to solve that problem, we would become the source of eggs – and now we’re the owners of chickens.”

And thus, history will remember this day as the day Tom Holland bought three chickens, named Chestnut, Ranger and Predator, to fight off the evil of COVID-19 and provide eggs for himself and his family. While that gave us a good chuckle, we’re just hoping that this doesn’t accidentally turn into a trend or challenge to be taken up by members of the public.