Tom Holland Hilariously Recreates Spider-Man Pointing Meme


Tom Holland has hilariously recreated the infamous Spider-Man pointing meme in a new photo that’s gone viral on social media. In recent years, one shot from the classic 1960s Spider-Man cartoon, which sees the Wall-Crawler coming face to face with a doppelgänger of himself, has gained internet fame. So much so that it was brilliantly referenced in the post-credits screen of 2018’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Now Holland has given us the closest we’ve got to a live-action version of the meme. The Avengers: Infinity War actor recently visited the set of HBO drama Euphoria – which of course stars his Marvel co-star, and rumored girlfriend, Zendaya – and recreated the shot with a member of the production crew. With the parking lot background and the pair’s poses, this is a pretty accurate staging of the meme. See the photo below, as shared by @CultureCrave on Twitter:

The only thing wrong with this image is that it features just the one Spider-Man. But maybe Holland is about to encounter another fellow Webhead or two in this December’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. As everyone knows, it’s widely suspected at this point that the threequel will see the return of both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as their iterations of Peter Parker, thereby bringing the three cinematic Spideys together to face off against the Sinister Six.

Tom Holland, Garfield and a few others have denied this, but that’s done nothing to stop the hype around this Spider-Verse team-up from rising and rising. And if it does happen, it’s easy to imagine some take on this meme being slipped into the film somewhere. Would it be too obvious to do? Maybe, but it’s also somewhat too tempting to pass up. But we’ll have to see what we’ve got in store when Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters from December 17th.