Tom Holland knows who bought Avengers Tower

When we’re talking about an intricately-connected superhero mythology that spans both film and television, one that’s roped in some of the biggest names in the business to star in projects with budgets that run to hundreds of millions of dollars, the occupier of a vacant building wouldn’t appear to be one of the many burning questions that fans have.

However, ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming established that Tony Stark had sold Avengers Tower ahead of the team’s move to a facility upstate, debate has raged over who put in the best offer. Several candidates come up more often than not including Norman Osborn’s Oscorp and Kang the Conqueror variant Mr. Gryphon, with a Loki Easter Egg teasing that the latter’s Qeng Enterprises had done just that in an alternate timeline.

The various teases peppered throughout Hawkeye have also seen Wilson Fisk become a contender, but Tom Holland admitted in an interview with the Phase Zero podcast that he knows exactly who signed the deed. Naturally, more information than that was hardly forthcoming, but the fact the MCU’s Spider-Man knows would appear to indicate that it may end up having an effect on him in the future.

“Oh that’s right, they sold Avengers Tower. I do know who bought Avengers Tower!”

For all we know, it could be revealed as soon as next week’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, or it could remain one of the superhero saga’s great unsolved mysteries for some time to come.