‘Hawkeye’ fan theory suggests Kingpin bought Avengers Tower

Vincent D’Onofrio in character as Wilson
Image via Marvel

There’s going to be widespread disappointment among Marvel Cinematic Universe fans if Hawkeye‘s six-episode run concludes without an appearance from Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin, even though we haven’t been promised a thing.

The former star of Netflix’s Daredevil has hardly been shy in voicing his desire to throw on the pristine white tux of Wilson Fisk once again, and he’s also become famed for trolling people on social media by dropping various Kingpin-related tweets whenever a new MCU project is making the headlines.

The chatter has increased since Wednesday after Hawkeye introduced several characters who have connections to the crime boss in the comic books, which was swiftly followed by rumors spreading like wildfire that D’Onofrio would be a heftier representation of Kingpin second time around, and purportedly leaked visual aids were even provided.

A popular theory now making the rounds is that Clint Barton’s acknowledgement of Avengers Tower being sold, without mentioning the identity of the buyer, will have Kingpin moving in before the end of the series. If he is indeed poised for an MCU comeback, then he’ll need a base of operations, and setting up shop smack dab in the middle of New York City would be one way to go about it.