Fans freak out over Vincent D’Onofrio ‘Hawkeye’ tease

Vincent D’Onofrio in character as Wilson
Image via Marvel

One of the best things about the shuttered Daredevil series on Netflix was Vincent D’Onofrio’s portrayal of Marvel bad guy Kingpin. He totally owned the character, giving Kingpin’s brutal-dictator madness a subtle nuance and breadth.

Ever since, fans have wanted to Kingpin tackle another superhero he’s synonymous with: Spider-Man. Unfortunately, that probably isn’t happening⏤yet.

“I can’t wait to see it. I’m not in it but I hear it’s a very cool film,” the actor tweeted recently about the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Despite that, there’s a chance that he might appear in another upcoming Disney Plus series.

On Wednesday, the 62-year-old tweeted out a teaser for the upcoming Hawkeye show and commented on it, throwing fans into a tizzy over whether or not he’ll appear in it. Check out the tweet below.

Fan responses to the tweet are appropriately excellent.

Here’s a fun one with another returning classic villain.

A little American Psycho flavor here.

This dog!

Another fan said what we’re all thinking.

If D’Onofrio does appear in the show, it’ll be the first time that an actor from the run of Marvel’s Netflix shows will appear in a Marvel Studios-produced project.

The main reason most people think that Kingpin will appear in Hawkeye, according to Inverse, is because of a character named Echo. Echo appears in the comics as an exceptionally talented killer under Kingpin.

Kingpin told Echo that Matt Murdock killed her father, causing her to go after him. Their battle only concluded when Murdock told her the truth⏤that it was actually Kingpin who killed her dad. Echo then shot Kingpin and teamed up with the good guys.

Fans are speculating that Kingpin will help introduce the new character, one that Marvel apparently has big plans for. The Echo show will debut on Disney Plus soon.

Do you think we’ll see Kingpin in Hawkeye? Or is D’Onofrio simply having fun with everyone? Let us know below!