Tom Holland Reportedly Asking Marvel To Work With Chris Hemsworth Again


Even though the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder will see him become the first of the Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s superheroes to headline a fourth solo movie, a lot of fans are beginning to quietly worry that it might mark the end of the line for Chris Hemsworth’s God of Thunder.

After all, fellow Phase One stalwarts Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow are all out of the picture, while rumors are making the rounds that the rest of the original Avengers will all suffer a similar fate as the franchise replaces the vast majority of its marquee names. Sam Wilson is stepping into the role of Captain America, Yelena Belova will assume the mantle of Black Widow, She-Hulk and Kate Bishop are on the way to Disney Plus as heirs apparent to Bruce Banner and Clint Barton, and we already know Jane Foster’s comeback in Love and Thunder is in a much larger capacity than the underwritten love interest of before.

The signs aren’t great for Hemsworth sticking around much longer, then, but we’re now hearing that Tom Holland is desperate for the chance to share the screen with his In the Heart of the Sea co-star again, and is actively pushing Marvel to consider the idea of a Spider-Man and Thor team-up in a future project.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us last month that Ben Affleck would be returning as Batman in The Flash – the two actors are great friends, but Holland feels like their Marvel Cinematic Universe characters haven’t interacted enough to fully capitalize on the dynamic between an all-powerful God from another dimension and a high school student that always seems out of his depth. As such, he’s now asking the studio if there’s a chance for them to be paired up in a future project.

While it might not end up happening given that Love and Thunder may be the last we see of Chris Hemsworth in the MCU – at least, for a while – a Spider-Man and Thor buddy movie seems like a fantastic idea on paper. It all depends on whether or not Hemsworth’s contract will be extended, though, or if they can even find a way to bring the two wildly different heroes together in the same movie.