Tom Holland Says He’s Young, In Love, And Ready For A Break

spiderman tom holland

Nobody really believes for a second that Spider-Man: No Way Home is going to be Tom Holland’s final outing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker, but the actor has been going to great lengths to outline that his immediate future lies away from the spandex.

Once the multiversal blockbuster swings into theaters next month, the 25 year-old is no longer under contract with either Sony or Marvel Studios for the first time since he inked a six-picture deal to debut in Captain America: Civil War. He’s got video game adaptation Uncharted coming in February, but after that his schedule is clear.

In an interview with Total Film, Holland outlined that he’s looking forward to having some personal freedom for the first time in a long time, admitting that he finds himself in a great place heading into No Way Home.

“I started acting then I was 11, and I’m now 25. I just think there are endless opportunities for me to do what I want. And doing what I want might not be in the film industries. It might be completely separate, I might go and be a carpenter for two years, and take a big break. I might go away, and get married, and have kids, and just disappear for the rest of my life. It’s the price you pay. We’re so lucky to be doing what we’re doing, and to live our life the way we can, and to do the things that we get to do with this job. My day-to-day life, it’s pretty boring. I go to a golf course. I see my mates. I go home. I’ve sort of given up with Instagram. I’m very happy. I’m very happy, and in love, and my friends are great, my family are great, and everyone’s happy and healthy.”

It’s sometimes easy to forget that he’s only a young man with his entire life ahead of him given how accustomed we’ve become to seeing Holland pop up on our screens since his MCU tenure hot-shotted him into the limelight, and he’s fully deserving of an extended sabbatical to focus on other things once Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives in just a few short weeks.