Tom Holland says his favorite Spider-Man villain is in ‘No Way Home’

Like Andrew Garfield before him, Tom Holland has been a huge fan of Spider-Man his entire life, and the two most recent big-screen web-slingers must have been on cloud nine when they initially landed the role of their dreams.

While Garfield’s tenure was cut short after two movies, Holland is gearing up to make his sixth appearance as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Peter Parker in next month’s No Way Home. The actor doesn’t want to be suiting up once he reaches 30, but we’re virtually guaranteed at least another couple of standalone blockbusters before then to cement him as definitely the most prolific, but also arguably the most popular live-action Spidey yet.

Having spent his childhood reading comic books before watching the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb films as a youngster, Holland is well-versed in the ins and outs of Spider-Man’s laundry list of enemies. Luckily for him, he admitted that he got to work with his favorite on No Way Home at the trailer’s launch event via ScreenRant.

“I think my favorite has to be Alfred Molina. Working with him on this film was so fun, because he was so blown away with the technological advancements that filmmaking has made. Back in the day…the arms that he used to have were puppeteered by four different people and nowadays, obviously, we don’t do that anymore because it’s very time consuming, so it’s all done with CG.

And watching him be very free as Doc Ock was really kind of rewarding because, back in the day, if he wanted to go over here, he’d have to tell four different people, ‘Guys, I‘m gonna step over here, and then you follow me, and then you get this one to do that.’ So, to see him kind of have the freedom to bring Doc Ock back to life in a new way was amazing, but then also, Fred is one of the greatest people I’ve ever worked with.”

The love-in between Holland and Alfred Molina has been going on for a while now, even if Raimi’s Doctor Octopus frightened the life out of him as a youngster. They’ll have to put the mutual appreciation to one side in Spider-Man: No Way Home, though, because they’ll be beating the holy hell out of each other.