Tom Holland says his ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ suit is 80% practical

spider-man: no way home

One of the minor criticisms fans have had of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-Man is the decision to use a huge amount of CGI for the superhero’s iconic costume. Obviously, the Stark Industries nanotech of the Iron Spider suit is hardly the sort of thing that the wardrobe department can handle, but the classic getup is simple enough to fabricate.

Various behind the scenes images from No Way Home have shown Tom Holland kitted out in a practical Spidey suit, a far cry from the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame snaps that saw him parading around in the altogether less exotic grey motion capture leotard.

Peter Parker is set to get at least a couple of upgrades in his third solo adventure, with his most recognizable duds being complemented by a magically-enhanced number and the Iron Spider, but Holland revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he estimates 80% of his scenes as Spider-Man were shot with an actual costume.

“All the time. I reckon it’s practical probably 80% of the time. During the last five weeks of shooting Spider-Man: No Way Home, I wore the Spider-Man suit every single day, all day. There were no other costumes.”

That would hardly have done much to ease Zendaya’s fears about him throwing up, but it always looks better onscreen when major figures in comic book adaptations come across as tangible rather than a weightless sea of pixels, with Spider-Man: No Way Home apparently taking that notion to heart.