Tom Holland says ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ has to be seen more than once

Image via Sony

Based on the box office numbers, a huge number of Marvel Cinematic Universe and cinema fans in general have taken the plunge to see Spider-Man: No Way Home on the big screen at least once.

Even with the pandemic still looming large in the background, the franchise’s 27th installment became the eighth highest-grossing release of all-time after four weeks in theaters, and it isn’t done by a long shot. Having cracked $1.5 billion in less than a month, without an assist from the lucrative Chinese market, folks can’t get enough.

In an interview with Sony, Tom Holland revealed that he shared the sentiments held by many when he said No Way Home was the exact type of movie that demands to be viewed on multiple occasions in order to appreciate the layers, depth, and complexity on offer.

“What’s also so great about this film is that you’ll have to go see this film multiple times because it’s so layered. It’s so nostalgic. It’s a celebration of cinema in so many different ways, that I’ve seen it twice now, and I still — and I made the thing — and there’s things that I missed. You know?”

Of course, it also helps that Spider-Man: No Way Home has been winning rave reviews ever since it first landed, even if the campaign to see it land an Academy Award nomination appears to be fanciful at best. Even without Holland’s ringing endorsement, though, it’s not as if the public needs any more encouragement to head back out and see it again.