‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ now the 8th highest-grossing movie ever

spider-man no way home
Image via Sony

We’re beginning to lose track of Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s continued box office success, as the web-slinging extravaganza of multiversal proportions continues to decimate records everywhere it goes, all over the world.

Having cemented itself as the sixth highest-grossing movie ever released in the United States this weekend, the international numbers are now in, and they’re even more impressive. Having added another $64.4 million overseas, the 27th Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster has smashed past $1.5 billion globally.

In fact, a $1.53 billion haul is good enough to dislodge The Avengers and make No Way Home the third top-earning comic book adaptation ever made, behind only Endgame and Infinity War, while it’s additionally soared past Frozen II and Fast & Furious 7 to go down as the eighth-biggest hit in cinematic history.

The Lion King‘s $1.662 billion and Jurassic World‘s $1.67 billion are still well within reach, but it’s beginning to look increasingly unlikely that Spider-Man: No Way Home has the legs to come close to the $2 billion mark. Not that it’s under any obligation to do so, when there’s still an ongoing global health crisis to contend with.

We all knew Jon Watts’ threequel was going to be the pandemic’s most successful film, but cracking the all-time Top 10 seemed fanciful at best this time last month, so we take our hats off to No Way Home.