Tom Holland teases a shocking scene in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Tom Holland comes across as a very wholesome young man, so playing the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s enthusiastic and regularly exuberant Spider-Man doesn’t appear to be much of a stretch for him as an actor.

However, next week’s No Way Home is set to throw more obstacles in Peter Parker’s path than ever before, with a spell gone awry causing the friendly neighborhood superhero and Doctor Strange to partner up in an attempt to prevent reality folding in on itself, and that’s without even mentioning the multiversal villains set to descend upon New York.

The second full-length trailer effectively had the Sorcerer Supreme egging Spidey on to simply murder all of his adversaries because that’s what happened the first time, but the family-friendly MCU isn’t going to turn the web-slinger into a serial killer, of that we can be sure.

That being said, Holland teased in an interview with CBR that there’s one scene in particular that’s going to leave audiences shocked by what they see from Peter.

“Yeah, and also Peter Parker’s ability to be bad. There’s something that happens in this film which I think fans will be very shocked by, which is really exciting and, for me, was something I loved bringing to the screen.”

The buzz for Spider-Man: No Way Home has long since gone through the roof, and with just nine days left to go until release and the press circuit in full swing, we can expect plenty more tantalizing teases like this one until we get the opportunity to see the movie for ourselves.