Spider-Man: Homecoming’s Tom Holland Praises The “Very Cool” Venom Movie


We’re not yet totally sure what the relationship will be between the Spider-Man: Homecoming movies, produced by Marvel Studios but licensed by Sony, and Sony’s own cinematic universe built around the wall-crawler’s supporting cast. You would think, though, that there might be some rivalry or competition between the two franchises, right?

That doesn’t seem to be the case, however, as Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, has nothing but praise for the upcoming Venom solo movie – which will kick off Sony’s series – and its star, Tom Hardy. Holland spoke about the film while promoting the release of Homecoming, saying the following at a recent press conference.

“It’s very exciting. I think Tom Hardy will really play that character with, you know, a lot of energy, a lot of life. It could be a very cool movie,” said the actor.

Holland then went on to explain that he doesn’t know anything about Venom, as he’s knee-deep in his own work, promoting Homecoming and shooting Avengers: Infinity WarHe also reminds us that he’s played Tom Hardy’s son in 2013’s Locke, which many might forget.

“It’s not something that I know about or am involved in. As of now, I’m just sort of focusing on Spider-Man and a little bit of Avengers. But, yeah, I don’t know anything about that… I have already played [Tom Hardy’s] son… Plot twist!”

Most fans are with Holland on this one. While the reaction to a Venom solo movie has been mixed, just about everyone’s behind the idea of Hardy as Eddie Brock. The man has the physique, the star power and most importantly, the acting chops to be a perfect adaptation of the character. Let’s just hope he’s backed up by a strong film.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due any week now, as it lands in cinemas on July 7th. Venom, meanwhile, is currently set for release on October 5th, 2018.

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