Tom Holland was asked about a role in the animated ‘Spider-Verse’

The cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home recently admitted that they’d love to lend their vocal talents to the animated Spider-Verse series, and it comes as a surprise that Sony hasn’t broached the subject with them yet.

After all, Into the Spider-Verse hardly shied away from in-jokes, deep cut references to Spidey lore or irreverent humor, and having familiar faces from the live-action realm pop up for a cameo would definitely fit the tone of the movies. As it turns out, Tom Holland was approached by producer Amy Pascal about doing it, but “no one has come back” to him.

Producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller revealed previously that they’d pitched the idea of getting Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield involved in the first installment, but it never gained much traction with the studio brass. If we’re to believe the rumors, that might be because Sony had much bigger plans in store for the trio in next week’s No Way Home.

Holland evidently has a strong relationship with Pascal and Sony in general, so it’s strange that they’d seemingly forget to circle back around and gauge his interest in the Spider-Verse. The team behind Marvel’s What If…? are under the impression that Sony are the reason why he didn’t voice Spider-Man in the MCU’s animated show, so maybe they’re saving him for whatever comes next after the two-part Across the Spider-Verse.