Tom Holland Confirms That He’s Got A Girlfriend With New Instagram Post

Tom Holland-Spider-Man

For a long time now, stalkers and journalists alike have speculated that actor Tom Holland was dating actress Nadia Parkes. And after the Spider-Man star uploaded a picture of her on his Instagram page, the internet has proudly proclaimed that Holland and Parkes have officially entered into a relationship.

You see, around the same time that Holland uploaded his photo, Parkes herself uploaded one on her Instagram page, too. Interestingly, this one didn’t include Holland but featured herself, standing on a bridge. But since she’s wearing the same shirt and jacket tied around her chest in both pics, it appears the two were spending the day together.

You can see all the evidence for yourself down below:

Private affairs aside, Holland has also been gaining attention lately for his workouts. Uploaded frequently on his Instagram page, these show off the young actor’s progress made during the fitness sessions with fellow A-lister Mark Wahlberg, who’s also been promoting his body-building journey on social media.

The two actors are getting in shape for an upcoming live-action adaptation of Uncharted. The film, based on a popular video game series of the same name, will see Holland star as treasure-seeker Nathan Drake while Wahlberg will play the role of Drake’s older, cigar-chomping mentor and father figure, Jake Sully.

Like many films, Uncharted has been severely delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. And with no end to COVID-19 in sight, Tom Holland can at the very least enjoy his free time together with Parkes. After all, once Hollywood fires back up again, the actor is sure to be incredibly busy given how many projects he’s got on his plate right now.