Tom Holland’s New Movie Is Now On Netflix

Tom Holland

Whether you’re a fan of the MCU or the DCEU, there’s a new movie out today that should definitely pique your interest. Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, the leading men of two of the biggest franchises in cinematic history, both headline the recently released Netflix film The Devil All The Time.

The psychological thriller follows Arvin Russell (Holland) in post-World War II Ohio as he battles evil forces threatening both him and his family. One of these insidious villains is Revered Preston Teagardin (Pattinson), a hypocritical preacher whose creepy nature matches his unnervingly fake-sounding name.

Holland, most known for his breakout titular performance in the Spider-Man series, has described the film as “a huge step” for him. Taking on the dark role is an uncharacteristic choice for the 24-year-old, after all, who’s mostly starred in comedies and superhero flicks up until this point in his career.

The movie is also a very important milestone for Pattinson, albeit for different reasons. The Twilight alum is no stranger to dramatic parts, though this may be his most villainous role to date. More importantly, the film will allow him to showcase his acting skills to many viewers who are still skeptical about the 34-year-old’s talents.

This will also likely be the last movie Pattinson will be featured in prior to his potentially career-defining turn as Bruce Wayne in The Batman. Conversely, The Devil All The Time will be just the first of several upcoming releases for Tom Holland. It appears that both of these stars have an interesting few years coming up for them, then, and it all starts with this bone-chilling feature.

Tell us, though, are you excited to watch these two duke it out on your screen, or is this a title you’ll be skipping? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.