Tom Hooper Circling Freddie Mercury Biopic

It looks like Tom Hooper can’t get enough of the music. After directing Les Miserables, and earning more than enough praise and awards recognition for doing so, the Oscar winner is now looking to get behind the Freddie Mercury biopic, which currently has Sacha Baron Cohen attached to star.

Scripted by Peter Morgan, not much is known of the project but a while back it was reported that the screenplay focused on “Queen’s formative years, leading up to the band’s heralded appearance at Live Aid in 1985.” Of course, things may have changed since then but that’s the last we heard on it.

No formal offer has been made to Hooper just yet, but apparently he’s quite interested. It would make sense too, seeing as he worked with Cohen on Les Miserables, where the two likely had a ton of fun singing and dancing around on set.

While I’m all for seeing a biopic on the legendary Queen frontman, I’m not sure I care to see Cohen or Hooper behind it. I don’t think either individual is suited for a project like this and I’m kind of hoping this all falls apart. Ok, to be fair, maybe, just maybe I can see Sacha Baron Cohen doing Freddie Mercury but Hooper? For a film like this? Les Miserables is one thing, but I can’t see the British director doing justice to material based on the incredible life of Freddie Mercury.

Maybe that’s just me though, there’s no doubt that both individuals are talented, I just think that they’d both be better suited for a different project. But who knows? Maybe this will work out well and maybe the two will be able to do justice to the iconic and great Freddie Mercury.

What do you think of the Freddie Mercury biopic? Are you looking forward to it? As always, let us know in the comments below.