Tom Hooper Will Direct Les Miserables

After his Oscar win (which was undeserved by the way) for the The King’s Speech, director Tom Hooper has his choice of films and today Deadline is reporting that Hooper may have settled on his next project. What film is that you ask? Les Miserables. Yes, that’s right, a full out musical! Although Hooper hasn’t confirmed this will be his next film, Deadline believes it will be. They also go onto say that it will start shooting in Europe before the end of the year. Cameron Mackintosh will produce and Bill Nicholson will write the script.

I didn’t love The King’s Speech, it was a fine film but way overrated. I definitely do not think it deserved all the Oscars it won either. That being said, I do like Les Miserables and the fact that this version is going to be a musical is great. The last film version of the play, which came out back in 1998, wasn’t a musical and was a bit incoherent to be honest. The music in Les Miserables is great so I’m definitely happy to see that this will be a musical version.  That being said, it will be quite a challenge, due to the way some of the musical numbers are staged. Is Hooper the right man for the job? Can he handle such a big adaptation?

What do you think?