A Ton Of New Skyfall Images Released

Empire Magazine‘s winter preview issue hit newsstands today, and its cover story on Skyfall has provided us with a ton of new images from the upcoming film.

As soon as I saw Daniel Craig on the cover of the October issue, I knew there would be spectacular Skyfall coverage, but I had no idea we would be graced with so many stunning new images of 007.

My favorite one of the bunch is the image showing Craig fighting atop a train. The scene has been heavily hyped and I’m super excited to see it play out on the big screen.

The image of Craig and Judi Dench is another awesome picture too, and of course, Berenice Marlohe looks as beautiful as ever in the photo at the bar. We also get to see that highly promoted motorcycle again.

Possibly the most intriguing photo though is the one where Javier Bardem looks to be locked in some sort of glass box. We saw this scene briefly in one of the trailers, and M was for sure in that room at one point, making it appear that Bardem’s imprisoned.

Although, a closer look at his face reveals what may be laughter. I can’t wait to see the full context surrounding that image.

Skyfall hits U.S. theaters November 9th, and if the last few months are any sign, we’ll be at no shortage of Bond promotion between now and then.

Check out all the images below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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