Testosterone Overload: Top Ten Films To Pump You Up

8. Crank

Jason Statham is the epitome of ass-kicking action hero for modern-day Hollywood, and Crank exists as his magnum opus.

Sure, some critics panned Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor’s film for being a mindless action romp with ludicrous scenarios and outrageous exploitation – but that’s exactly how Crank earned the number eight spot on this list.

From square one our reckless directors deliver an adrenaline pumping thrill ride built with video game generation influences, birthing an action hero in Chev Chelios, who is more legend than man. The entire plot is based on a testosterone jolt equateable to wiring a car battery to your nutsack (or whatever that equivalent would be for you ladies), as Chev will die if his adrenaline levels drop below a certain point. There’s literally no stopping for Chev as we watch him pull every excitement inducing trick imaginable.

Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll baby! Who thought those sins could also be life savers?